Be Your Own Carrier

Telnyx Is Your Next Generation Phone Company.


Be Your Own Carrier®

Telnyx Is Your Next Generation Phone Company.

We specialize in delivering infrastructure, products, and developer tools to enable high quality communications to businesses where real-time interactions and connections are mission critical.

Global network infrastructure

Our communications platform is purpose built in the cloud for diversity, resiliency, and redundancy with multiple points of presence at major Internet Hubs across the globe.

A service culture

Your company is more than a commodity. We are always available to partner with our customers to answer questions as they arise and solve problems for their businesses.

System interoperability

Telnyx is not another closed network or old school telecom provider; our products are compatible with both IP networks and the Public Switched Telephone Network.

A new quality of service

MPLS networks and the legacy carriers' QoS are a thing of the past. Our private backbone ensures your users a HD, carrier grade communication experience over a simple Internet connection.


Self-Service Portal and APIs

A Universal Real Time Communications Network, Built For A Purpose

Developer interfaces

Communications and voice APIs to power your software applications; from proprietary solutions to FreeSWITCH and Asterisk configurations.

Transparent business

No limits (with no contracts), a la carte wholesale pricing; pay only for what you use.

On demand scalability

Elastic and instant DID and Toll-Free provisioning with unlimited inbound and outbound channel capacity.

Mission critical data

Simple LRN (LNP) and CNAM query access for telecommunication related routing, billing, and caller ID data.

Operational control portal

Real time, self-service SIP trunking, termination, and origination portal built for multi-tenancy and in-depth analytics and reporting.

Smart interconnects

Intelligent SIP routing enables carrier-grade quality and reliability across major telecom, cloud and Internet service providers.


Work At Telnyx

Help Us Build The Next Generation Communications Company

Real problems

The Internet was built for email and buffering content; Telnyx is an engineering company built to re-imagine how voice and video is delivered over the web.

Create impact

We build infrastructure, tools, and products that work to enable human connections and spread ideas across the globe. Businesses rely on our work.

Non-traditional creativity

This is a flat organization with an engineering mentality working in small pods to push technical boundraries and challenge the incumbents' status quo.