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Crystal clear termination. 24/7/365.

Telnyx accepts all outbound traffic profiles. Whether it is mission critical conversational traffic, short duration dialer traffic, or high CPS traffic, we give you complete control over your outbound calling.

Customize your product mix


  • Local
  • Long Distance
  • Select International

Conversational and Short Duration

  • Premium
  • Standard
  • No minimums
  • No penalties

Quickly test and start making calls

  • Online form
  • Same-day testing
  • No lengthy spin-up process
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Simplify and acclerate origination

Leverage the power of Telnyx’s relationships to order or port numbers in numerous rate centers throughout Canada and the USA.

Let us deliver you inbound calls and avoid the over-head associated with managing multi-carrier order processes.

Network Capabilities

  • 10,000+ rate centers with extended coverage in Canada and the USA.
  • Seamless integration with E911, CNAM, and SMS.

Unrivaled support

  • 24/7 support.
  • Multiple pricing models to meet your specific needs.
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Trust Telnyx for reliable LRN routing data delivered in real-time.

Telnyx’s LRN Service is the most reliable location routing number (LRN) querying system in the industry.

We are one of only six NPAC authorized data distributors in the world offering a full lookup service.

Ensure that all your calls are routed efficiently and invoiced by the correct operator by letting Telnyx handle your LRN.

Reliable Data Delivery

  • Dip via API (SIP, XML, ENUM).
  • Ability to provide custom solutions.

Network quality and capability

  • Five 9s availability
  • Free month for testing
  • Worldwide server network